Furnishful and dxw digital

On Wednesday April 10th 2019 we had a great meetup at the dxw digital offices. We heard from Efua Akumanyi, the Co-Founder of Furnishful, and David Mann the MD at dxw digital.

Efua Akumanyi

Efua Akumanyi — Co-Founder of Furnishful

Efua Akumanyi Co-Founded Furnishful in 2016, a shopping discovery site for furniture and homewares. She has been a software developer for over 15 years. She has worked in various sectors during her career (medical, legal, insurance, start-ups, e-commerce and charities).

Efua became a member of Coding Black Females in 2018, and since then has been a great support and inspiration to other members of the group.


In Efua’s presentation about Furnishful, she spoke about the background of the site. We were given an insight into the way they will be using AI, and how we could use AI in our applications.

Furnishful logo

Furnishful currently aggregates products from over 40 retailers, and uses text search, categories and filters in order to find results.

They are in the process of implementing an image search which will use Artificial Intelligence in order to find results based on images that the user has supplied, and then provide results from multiple retailers.

We sat in awe listening to Efua as she shared details about how she and her partner built the company from the ground up to what it is today.

Talks like this are a great inspiration to members of the Coding Black Females group and make people more likely to be interested in taking up technology based roles.

dxw digital

dxw digital have been supporting Coding Black Females since February 2019. One of our members, Olivia Campbell, works for dxw digital, and they offered to host meetups for us whilst providing us with food and drink. This has meant that we are able to host our sessions more regularly, and reach more members of the community.

Dave from dxw digital

David Mann gave us a very inspirational talk about team work, and the benefits of having diverse teams to get the best results on projects. At dxw digital, they are actively working towards building a team which is more diverse and representative of our society.

Diverse teams give diverse perspectives, which leads to better outcomes on projects.

He gave a brief history about the first programmers and the fact that they were women. If you’ve seen Hidden Figures, then you’ll recognise some of the names he mentioned.

Susan Hockey from Atlas Computer Laboratory

Annie Easley from NASA

Katherine Johnson from NASA

He reminded us that the tech industry is also ours, and we should make sure that we take our place.

Code Together

Following on from the talks, we had about an hour and a half to focus on doing some coding. The sessions that we have at Coding Black Females typically have women at all stages of their career, so some of us focussed on developing our community website, and the rest used the time to improve their knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.

Our coding environment is a rich one, with a lot of enjoyment and support for each other. People are able to freely ask questions, give suggestions, and try out things they haven’t done before.

Coding Black Females coding together

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