7 Benefits of Running A Design Sprint In Your Business

A Design Sprint a four-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. It’s a great way for companies to leverage the whole of their teams brain power and within four days using a proven system come up with a real solution and user feedback.

The 7 Benefits of Running A Design Sprint 4:15

1. Test Ideas Building a “product”, and testing it in front of users all in the span of one week. This is a great use of time and money. 4:17

2. Uncover usability flaws and unknown product hangups. 4:39

3. Team alignment. Having all the stakeholders work closely together on the same goal and with the same information is intensely uniting. 5:07

4. Bringing in users can make the problem feel more concrete. 5:27

5. Creates a guiding artifact for software development. After the Design Sprint, you now have a workable, fluid prototype to develop against. 6:09

6. Prototyping frees you from the traditional time and money constraints of building a product to test it. 6:32

7. Time constraint boosts creativity and forces you to make product decisions quickly. 6:51

There are generally five phases to a design sprint

1. Understand 1:48

2. Concept 1:52

3. Decide 2:12

4. Prototype 2:39

5. Test 3:12

If you would like to know how a design sprint can help your business;

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