My coding journey: first week as an Apprentice

On the 22nd October 2018 a new chapter began. I walked into the 8th Light London office as a new apprentice, ready to discover the mysteries of software over the next three months. Through a unique scholarship opportunity offered in partnership with BlackGirl.Tech, I will be able to delve deeper into full-stack development.

I initially had a beginners introduction to front-end (HTML/CSS) and back-end web development using Ruby in 2016. This was when I discovered Code First: Girls teaching free 16-hour courses for female-identifying students at my university. Fast forward two years, and sitting here in the 8th Light office I’ve felt a mixture of excitement, hope and fear of whether I’ll “get it” as I take a step further into the world of tech.

But I’m not alone. Alongside me is a cohort of three peers, who’ve been a tremendous support and encouragement already. Surround that with our amazing group of mentors, who’ve crafted a great curriculum for us to follow, full of challenge to help us realise that we are capable of so much more than we thought. And finally wrap that up within the wider 8th Light team, who are friendly, super-chilled and reassuring in the belief that anything is possible. Each day I’m excited to discover more, as well as hear about what everyone else is up to (particularly looking forward to the day when all the tech terms ‘click’ whilst listening to the rest of the team’s projects!)

Image credit: Matthew Hoffman

Just to give you a taster, here’s a few personal highlights from week one:

  • Understanding the philosophy behind the 8th Light handshake. It’s a great feeling to start and end each day having connected to each member of the team.
  • Playing detective in the Command Line Murder Mystery. Poirot I am not (if you haven’t heard of him, it’s cos I’m old ?) but I’m definitely a good Hastings.
  • Finally getting my Git and GitHub to talk to each other from the Command Line, so that I could push my growing collection of files built whilst working through Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and Learn to Program to my repository.
  • Discovering the principles of Object-Oriented Programming, and keeping in mind the aim for the least inter-dependency possible.

There’s plenty more I could mention, and much more to come. Now begins week two, and if it’s anything like last week — bring it on!! ?