HOW TO THINK ABOUT PERSONAS? – Demographics + Psychographics

In this video, I share my thoughts on personas and what you need to pay attention that will help you develop better personas. One of the biggest things to pay attention to when developing personas are the psychographics. There are so many gems that can be found by understanding the behaviours of your audience.

The key is not to get so fixed on what you assume when developing personas but to quickly have an audience to test your ideas against, receive real data and make iterative decisions to reach your goals. I’ve seen many designers focusing on the wrong things like demographics only when building personas but you have to take it further truly understand their pain points and motivations and get testing your ideas with real people to get solid data.

Key Questions To Ask When Building Personas

I’ve listed some of the major elements to define below for each of your personas:


Location – Where do people from this persona live?
Excluding Location – Where do people from this persona not live?
Age – What is the age range of this persona?
Gender – What is the gender of people in this persona?
Job Title – What field of work do your customer work in and what types of job titles do they carry?
Education Level – What is the education level of this persona?
Relationship Status – What is the relationship status of this buyer persona? Is this important to know for what you are selling?
Language – What languages do people in this persona speak?
Income Level – What is the income range of this buyer persona?


Interests – What are the interests of people in this persona?
Favorite Websites – Why type of websites do people in this persona frequent?
Buying Motivation – What is this personas reasons for buying your product?
Buying Concerns – What is this personas concerns when buying your product?
Gurus – Are there any people who this personas identify with?


Pain Points – What is the major frustration this person is having? How does this product/service solve their pain points?
Motivations – What’s motivating this person to buy from us? How do this personas currently solve their pain points?
Competitors – How do competitors in the marketplace help to solve their pain points of this persona?

You want to focus on asking the best questions to get to the right solution. The person who asks the best questions is able to find the best solutions quicker that meet the business goals and really may users happy to use a specific product to solve their problems.


As mentioned previously, your buyer personas will likely change as you learn new information and you may even discover entirely new buyer personas altogether as your business grows.

With defined buyer personas, your ad targeting and communication stand a much better chance. From increased engagement on your social media channels to a greater ROI for your online ads, taking the time upfront to define your buyer personas can help your business succeed by better knowing and understanding your core customers.

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